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Excited about seeing family, friends, or just new destinations this holiday season? Completely stressed out that holiday travel usually means crowded airports, overbooked flights, rude people, or crazy driving conditions? Consider chartering a bus for your holiday travel, instead. On a charter bus, you leave the driving to a professional. You can transport a large group for a reasonable price, and get greater flexibility than flying, without the stress of having to drive.

Here are some of our tips for making your holiday bus trip great.

Book as soon as possible. Covid-19 has kept many people from seeing family and friends for almost two years. Now that vaccines are here, people are back to travel this holiday season. However, many people are looking for alternatives to crowded public transportation. If you want to travel over winter break, you want to book your bus as soon as possible.

Collect money from people. If people are sharing expenses, you want to collect payment before it is due. If you are like most people, the holidays are an expensive time of year. You do not want to have to worry about whether someone is going to pay you back for their part of a trip while enjoying your holiday meals. So, set a deadline for people to pay for their share, and make it a few days before you actually have to make payments.

Plan out the trip. Whether you are traveling to the next town or across the country, you need to set your itinerary. Where will you be stopping? Have you arranged lodging? Are you visiting any attractions? Do you have tickets? Are you aware of any travel restrictions at your destinations? Having this information ahead of time can help your trip run more smoothly.

Snacks and drinks. One of the biggest expenses on a road trip can be getting food. You can save a bundle by packing snacks and drinks for your crew. Make sure you cover everyone’s likes and dislikes and remember to pack plenty of water.

Movies and music. One of the best things about a charter bus is that you get entertainment options. Most charter buses will have great sound systems and television entertainment options. Pick your music and movies with the whole group in mind. Grandma probably does not want to listen to gangsta rap, and the kids might not want to listen to golden oldies. Many people plan holiday movie fests for the trip there, but create a backup playlist of non-holiday favorites, as well.

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