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    Fun Tours Virginia Beach

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    More than just another East Coast getaway, Virginia Beach abounds with things to do for the whole family! From mornings spent perusing local shops to evenings wandering the boardwalk, young and old alike will find rest, relaxation, and anything but the norm in this historical home away from home.

    Attractions and Things to Do in Virginia Beach, VA

    But of course, that leaves the question: what will you do? Composed of seven districts, the entire family will find fun and adventure in every shape and form:

    Sandbridge: a pristine beach hideaway just south of the boardwalk

    Pungo: an 8,000-acre rural community known for farmland and festivals

    Oceanfront: the go-to for all-day action, located on three miles of beachside boardwalk

    Chesapeake Bay: a waterfront refuge of laid-back restaurants and breweries

    Town Center: the higher-end side of town, replete with shopping and entertainment

    Inland: an enclave of specialty shops, dotted with spas and gardens to unwind

    ViBe Creative District: a bright and eclectic hub inspired by artists from all walks of life

    While the spirited traveler will yearn to make the rounds of Virginia Beach, it will be much more enjoyable to do so with the guidance of a trusted tour company. From Adventure Parks and Marine Aquariums to Stand-Up Paddleboards and Kayaks with the Dolphins, the best way to experience this seaside resort is by booking a fun tour with a reputable and reliable guide.

    Plan your Vacation to Virginia Beach with Great American Charters

    For families, First Landing State Park and The Cape Henry Lighthouse will inspire the inner historian in young children, while Back Bay Wildlife Refuge and The Virginia Legends Walk will invigorate the inner child in any parent. Groups will have a blast with hop-on hop-off scavenger hunts, while couples and newly-weds will bond over indoor skydiving and the Funny Bone Comedy Club.

    With amusing and affordable options for all tastes and budgets, Virginia Beach is more than just a vacation destination. No matter whether you are taking the entire family for a week or escaping the hum-drum of city life for a weekend, a fun tour in Virginia’s favourite southeastern city is the ultimate in travel hotspots. To learn more about the many exciting ways that Great American Charters can show you around the Commonwealth’s best kept secret, contact us online at See you here!

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