What is the Safest Way to Travel During the Pandemic?

After months of lockdown, a vacation is top of the mind for many Americans. With the excitement of a possible change of scenery and a chance to break the monotony of the pandemic comes a flood of questions and concerns about the safety and practicality of travel. And there are very real concerns to weigh before heading out on a trip and important safety measures to take while you are at it. The good news is that not all travel options are equal in terms of risk and exposure to COVID-19, and hiring a charter bus ranks among the safest transportation options.

Social Distancing

One of the biggest factors you will want to think about as you plan a potential trip is how the conditions of your travel will affect your ability to properly social distance. In many situations—such as flying or traveling by train or public bus—you really do not have much control over the space around you. You are assigned a seat and most likely, someone not in your party will be assigned a seat very near you, within the 6 feet of distance recommended by health authorities. When you hire a private charter bus through Great American Charters, you decide how many people come along and who sits where, giving you complete control over the personal space afforded to each passenger.

Contact with General Public

Another thing we’ve all been careful of during the pandemic is staying away from crowds whenever possible, and avoiding touching or coming into contact with high-touch surfaces. When traveling by plane, train or public bus, you don’t really have much of a choice. Think about all the people moving through an airport, the amount of times the bins at a security checkpoint get touched, or any number of examples that break this rule when you are in a busy transit hub.

Even with strict cleaning procedures, you can never really be sure how clean these areas are and you certainly can’t avoid being in close proximity with a large number of people. On a charter bus, this is not an issue. Not only do you get to choose who you are around throughout the duration of your travel, but we pick you up from your preferred destination as well, eliminating the need to enter a busy airport or bus depot.

Control of Your Environment

When you are outside of your home, you want to be in control of your environment and its cleanliness as much as possible. With many travel options, this is not possible. When you charter a private bus from us, we ensure that the entirety of our bus has been thoroughly sanitized, meeting and going beyond the guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and other health authorities.

Driver and Passenger Safety

The safety of our drivers and passengers is absolutely paramount. Our drivers have all been trained on proper sanitation and disinfecting procedures for dealing with the spread of COVID-19, in line with guidance from federal and state authorities. When traveling with us, you can be confident that the driver and the rest of our staff share the same concerns as you. We strive to provide a fun, comfortable experience while keeping you and your party as safe as possible, from hazards of the road and the pandemic alike.

When you hire a bus through Great American Charters, you are in the driver seat. By choosing to travel on a private charter bus, you are able to control more aspects of your environment and the overall safety of your trip much more completely than you can when flying or traveling via train or public bus. If you have a large group looking to travel but are worried about the risk of contracting COVID-19, give us a call today to work on a safe, affordable travel solution!

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