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Wedding Charter BussesWedding transportation is often an overlooked part of the wedding planning process. However, if you are having the wedding or the reception in a transportation-restricted area, if they wedding and the reception are in different venues, or if you need to transport a large wedding party to or from the wedding and/or the reception areas, then transportation planning needs to be part of your wedding plans.

At Great American Charter Buses, we are a full-service transportation company that can meet all of your wedding transportation needs. Whether you are looking for a traditional limousine as the getaway car after the reception or to deliver the bridal party to the venue or a larger form of transportation, we can meet all of those needs and provide centralized supervision of all of your transportation needs.

One of the more recent trends in weddings is providing bus service for guests to get from the wedding venue to the reception. People love this option for a number of reasons. It is useful when the wedding and the reception are located at a far distance or if one of the locations is difficult to locate. It lets your guests continue to feel like part of the party while they are being transported and can remove some of the stress from their experience. It is also a great thing to consider if there is limited parking at a venue; you select another parking option and can provide shuttle buses to move guests to and from your venue. This is really perfect for the downtown areas of big cities, such as New York City, when guests might simply be unable to find nearby parking for your venue.

Another reason to consider group transport for your wedding is the very real risk of drinking and driving. By providing bus options, you can have some enforced periods of sobriety and decrease the risk that any of your guests will be drinking and driving. In fact, if you have a group of hard-partying friends, you can even make arrangements to charter a smaller bus specifically to take intoxicated guests to their hotels or homes, rather than letting them drive home.

There are so many different ways that a great transportation company can enhance your wedding experience. At Great American Charter Buses, we are excited to help show you some of those ways. Give us a call at 800-298-8895 to find out more.

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