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What is the downside to getting together with a group of your friends, hitting a bunch of hotspots, and having a few cocktails while you do it? Someone has to be the designated driver. In fact, in a big enough group, several someones have to be the designated driver. Even if you have a number of people in your group that will not be indulging in alcohol or other intoxicating substances, designated drivers sometimes have to act like babysitters, which can put the damper on their party experiences. Of course, you can always call a taxi or a ride share service, but given the smaller size of those vehicles, that almost always means splitting up the group. What if we told you there is a better way to keep the party going while traveling from place to place? There is. It is renting a party charter bus from Great American Charter Buses.

What is a party bus?

You have probably seen one or two of them. In the industry lingo, a party bus usually refers to a specially outfitted bus that is designed to let you party while in transit. Party buses may have bars, light systems, big screen TVs, specialized sound systems, and even dance (stripper) poles to let you keep the party going. These traveling nightclubs are what most people think of when they think of a party bus and they are a great option for birthdays, reunions, girls’ weekends, bachelor or bachelorette parties, or any other big raucous group gathering. You can use them to travel from one place to another or charter a bus to be your transportation on a pub crawl or winery tour.

However, do not limit yourself in terms of what you consider a party bus. Headed to a tailgate party for your favorite team? Charter one of our huge buses and you bring a kitchen and a bathroom with you to the party! Looking for comfortable transportation for a more sedate group that is heading out for some fun activities? Then one of our luxury motor coach choices can easily be your party bus.

At Great American Charter Buses, we pride ourselves on having the right buses for your party, whether your plans are mild or wild! To find out more information about how a charter bus can enhance your party experience, call us at 800-298-8895.

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