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Tour Bus Rentals

If you are new to the idea of chartering a tour bus, you may have a sense of general skepticism and uncertainty about what the charter process entails, and if it is the right transportation solution for you and your group. To start, a charter bus is not simply a rental, but instead, is most comparable to a transportation service with additional benefits of inclusive services (for example, a limousine or town car).

You will know renting a tour bus is the solution for your transportation needs if getting everybody where they need to be, when they need to be there is causing you big stress, and/ or reliability and safety is a pressing concern when making transportation arrangements for you and your group.

At Great American Charters, we pride ourselves on being a leading transportation provider, safely serving customers in the most stress-free way possible. Our team of drivers and their commitment to reliable service, our prioritization of meticulous maintenance inspections, and our easy as pie booking system make our transportation services second to none.

Booking with us is Easy as 1,2,3

To arrange a reservation all it takes is 3 simple steps.

  1. Fill out a quote form with your desired destination

  2. Review your quote

  3. Book your trip

Now you know that it’s for you, you’ll need to know what we offer.

A handful of our Charter Bus solutions include:

Economical Luxury Tour Bus Rentals.

Our luxury motor coaches, which can accommodate up to twelve people, are the perfect solution for long distance and overnight trips.

Minibus solutions.

For short hops or ferrying smaller groups of people, minibus rental can be the perfect solution.

Pack a party Bus.

With limousine luxury and charter capacity, a party bus is the ideal option for those looking to transform fun into fabulous. Each bus comes equipped with all the amenities to make for an unforgettable night, all while keeping you feeling good and looking even better while you party the night away.

Let’s Get Going!

Looking to simplify group events? let our experienced staff take away the unnecessary stress of travel arrangements! Call us at 1-800-298-8895 or fill out a free online quote form whenever you are ready to enhance your next occasion experience with guaranteed safe travel sans the stress tied to group transportation.

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