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Large Group Charters

Great American Charter Buses What are you looking for in a charter bus?  Do you need a way to get a large group somewhere safely and reliably?  Do you want to travel short distances or longer distances?  Are you looking for luxury accommodations or a more affordable way to transport big groups?  Whatever you are… View Article

Large Party Charter Buses

What is the downside to getting together with a group of your friends, hitting a bunch of hotspots, and having a few cocktails while you do it? Someone has to be the designated driver. In fact, in a big enough group, several someones have to be the designated driver. Even if you have a number… View Article

Charting Large Bus Trips

Need to take a large group to a destination and want an affordable, comfortable transportation option? Consider booking your large bus trip with Great American Charter Buses. We offer a variety of different bus types to suit the needs of your group and our experienced professional drivers can let you sit back, relax, and enjoy… View Article

Wedding Charter Buses

Wedding transportation is often an overlooked part of the wedding planning process. However, if you are having the wedding or the reception in a transportation-restricted area, if they wedding and the reception are in different venues, or if you need to transport a large wedding party to or from the wedding and/or the reception areas,… View Article

Find Affordable Bus Rentals for Your Next Event

Find Affordable Bus Rentals for Your Next Event Are you going to be holding a large shortly and wonder how you are going to get people from Point A to Point B? Fortunately, there are affordable bus rentals that could be a good solution for your needs. How Can the Bus Rentals Be Used? There… View Article