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What are you looking for in a charter bus?  Do you need a way to get a large group somewhere safely and reliably?  Do you want to travel short distances or longer distances?  Are you looking for luxury accommodations or a more affordable way to transport big groups?  Whatever you are looking for in a bus company, Great American Charter Buses offers solutions for all of your transportation needs.

Before determining what type of bus to rent for your large group charter needs, it is important to consider several factors.  The first thing to think about is the distance the group will be traveling. Charter bus services can be used for in-town transportation, but are also often used to travel long distances. If the distance is going to be more than about 100 miles each way, then the buses either need to come equipped with restrooms or the bus needs to make plans for travel stops en-route.  This can actually impact route-choice and total distance in some areas.  Therefore, it is important to know where your group is starting and ending.

Large Group Buses

Another thing to consider is how many vehicles you want to charter.  Many people think about the purpose of the charter when determining the right vehicles.  For example, while shuttle buses from parking lots to wedding facilities may move as many guests as school buses taking kids to camp locations, the smaller bus concept works better with groups that may not all be simultaneously arriving or departing. Larger groups can travel on motorcoaches and school buses.  Smaller groups can travel in sprinter buses, minibusses, party buses, and even passenger vans or limousines.  So, how big is your group and how many vehicles do you want handling passenger transport?  The answers to these questions will help guide your choice in vehicles.

Think about what type of amenities you want onboard the buses you hire.  Do you want a transportation-only option?  Minibusses and school buses provide reliable transportation for a number of people, but without some of the conveniences that other vehicles have.  If you want music, on-board entertainment, more comfortable seating, and even on-board bathrooms, then you will need to look at motor coaches.

One of the best things about working with a company with one of the largest fleets in the business is that you can be confident we have the right vehicles for your group size in a variety of price points to meet your budgetary needs.  Call to schedule your bus service and find out more about what Great American Charters can do for you.

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