How Great American Charters is Helping Make School Trips Even More Memorable!

School trips and tours form the most memorable part of one’s childhood. They not only provide the students with much-needed getaway from the four walls of the classroom but also inspire them to learn new things from beautiful outdoors.

At Great American Charters, we duly honor this fact and we strive to make college trips, school trips and all kinds of academic outings a breeze for the students. It doesn’t matter how long the tour is supposed to be or how far the students need to travel, we happily accommodate their requirements with our all-around fleet of vehicles.

So, how do we do it? Allow us to answer this question with our list of key ingredients that make school trips memorable!

Comfortable Rides

Travelling for long hours can get hectic for students and most of us are not usually accustomed to it, hence, we ensure the ride comfort as the top priority for the students. Our fleet of vehicles has been tested for individual comfort and has been installed with features such as Central Air (AC) & Heating System, Reclining Captain Seats, Private Sanitized Restroom and much more, so that students can focus on having fun rather than getting tired.

Courteous Drivers

It is hard to travel with someone who can’t treat you nicely enough and this is where our drivers win. We only recruit courteous drivers who are given necessary training to take care of kids while on long trips. This makes students feel in safe company and their trips advance without an interruption.

Affordable Rates

We, at Great American Charters encourage student learning in the form of outdoor activities, therefore, we offer our services at highly affordable rates that don’t burden the parents or the school authorities. After all, we find great pleasure in helping students learn and this is one way we achieve this.

Friendly and Available Agents

No one likes to be misguided and lied to when travel arrangements are being done and being a ground transportation industry leader, we are well aware of prevalence of such things around us. So, we provide our agents with special training to make booking process as seamless as possible for you. Talk to our agents and you’ll be greeted with friendliness and support for all aspects concerning the ride.
Proper level of insurance

No parent would want to send their children to a trip if the children’s safety is not guaranteed. Honestly, even we won’t and hence, we ensure the best-in-class security for students trips. Our full-time safety director is always on his toes to meet the safety regulations laid down by US Department of Transportation. Our drivers are made to take security certifications from time to time. Even our fleet meets special safety criteria and contingency measures to avoid mishaps.

So, plan your next trip with us and make the most of your outing day. We are up and serving 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It doesn’t matter if the trip lasts 3 hours or 3 days, making it work out for your students, is our duty!

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