Book Your Next Vacation on a Luxury Tour Bus

For many Americans, 2020 has been an exceptionally stressful year, one that warrants a vacation and some time to relax. Yet even vacationing has become unusually complex as travelers, airlines, resorts and more scramble to find workable solutions for the COVID-19 era.

Health authorities continue to suggest that Americans practice social distancing, and use PPE like cloth masks and other face coverings whenever in a public space. The general rule of thumb is that you should avoid being around groups of people, especially indoors, for any prolonged period of time. Many transportation options generally used for vacation travel—planes, trains, and public buses, for instance—cannot satisfy this requirement. Though great lengths are being taken to make these options as safe as possible, their use still carries considerable risk.

To stay as safe as possible, and limit yourself from exposure to the novel coronavirus, you really want to remain in control of your environment as much as much as you can, something you can’t really do on a plane or train, given the nature of these carriers and the way these businesses operate. There is another option, however! With a private luxury tour bus, you call the shots throughout the entirety of your travel, able to choose who you ride with, where people sit, where you stop and all other logistics. If you are looking for a safe, reliable travel option for your upcoming family vacation that doesn’t expose you and your loved ones to unnecessary risk, consider your own private ride with Great American Charters.

Get Outdoors!

With the current social distancing requirements, now is a great time to explore the outdoors. It’s a prime time to visit one of the thousands of state and national parks across the country. Plan a hike, rent a cabin, schedule a guided tour and more! Use the directory here to find an awesome park near you!

Road Trip

Nothing like the open road to help you reset during a crazy time. Maybe there are a number of parks you’ve been dying to visit? Or a city you’ve never seen, a great restaurant or other attraction you’ve had your eye on. With a luxury coach rental, your family or group can travel safely, and on your own time, moving along your itinerary. Take this time to check a few things off the bucket list!

Visit a New City

While it’s true that many cities and businesses are juggling new ways to open back up safely, many places have figured out creative solutions for safe experiences. And with so many people staying at home, you might just be able to snag a reservation at an otherwise tough-to-book restaurant, gallery or museum.

After a year like this one, you and your family deserve a vacation free from stress and undue risk. With a private luxury charter bus rental you can take an amazing family trip without the driving and without the stress COVID-19 risk brought on by major travel centers. Give us a call today to get a dream vacation rolling!

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